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Regulated crypto
brokerage and custody


Regulated digital asset brokerage and trading

Enable your clients to invest in digital assets, access to multiple exchanges and 250+ digital assets through a regulated counterparty.

Regulated digital asset
custody and management

Enable your clients to store their digital assets in regulated custody, and provide the infrastructure to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.

Financial services for
fintechs & financial institutions

Leverage on our regulation and technology and comply with the latest regulatory requirements to operate your crypto business in Germany.

Licensed by



Made in Germany


MiFID II compliant

Registered as:

Securities Trading Firm


Digital Asset Custodian

Trusted by key players from traditional finance, crypto and web3


Finoa partners with DLT Finance to offer regulated digital asset brokerage services to its clients.

Steubing AG partners with DLT Finance
to provide regulated digital asset brokerage and custody.

Regulated digital asset brokerage
and custody for BIT Capital



TP ICAP partners with DLT Finance to Enhance Institutional Digital Asset Infrastructure

TP ICAP Logo.png

DLT Finance provides a fully regulated
crypto trading and custody environment

B2B crypto brokerage and custody for financial institutions


B2B2X crypto brokerage and custody integration via API


BaFin-regulated securities trading firm and crypto-asset custodian

Our registration as a securities trading firm and crypto custodian allows us to offer everything from one platform.

Regulated counterparty

Our registration as a securities trading firm and crypto custodian allows us to offer everything from one platform. DLT Finance is committed to regulatory compliance and adheres to a clear framework. We never transfer, lend against, or take ownership of client assets, which aligns with our commitment to meet regulatory standards.

Multi-Exchange Access

Our platform seamlessly integrates with a network of reputable exchanges, providing you with extensive liquidity and a wide selection of digital assets to choose from. By leveraging our robust connections, you can confidently navigate the dynamic crypto market, executing trades efficiently and maximizing your potential returns.

Off-Balance Sheet Assets

All assets held under DLT Finance's custody are treated as special assets and kept off-balance sheet. Your assets are stored separately from DLT Finance's own assets, ensuring that they are not at risk in the unlikely event of DLT Finance's insolvency.

Learn more about our crypto brokerage and custody infrastructure

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