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Shape the future of regulated digital asset trading with us

At DLT Finance, we strive towards a future where regulated digital asset trading and custody are accessible to every customer in the capital markets. Join us in shaping this future and contribute to the development of the investment infrastructure for the next generation of products. Together, let's build a transformative landscape for the future of finance.

Dev Ops & Security Manager (m/f/x)

Berlin, Germany

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for someone to design the financial infrastructure of our trading brokerage operations. You will work with highly professional, motivated and international team in a beautiful office in the heart of Berlin Mitte and will get insights into all aspects of the entrepreneurial and technological journey.


What you will be doing

  • Execute security aspects in the cloud (SSDLC, and across deployments)

  • Deliver security reports on our cloud infrastructure.

  • Establish cloud infrastructures security standards such as ISO 27000 series, NIST CSF, and CSA

  • Establish appropriate controls based on industry standards (BAIT, MaRisk) to drive our security against threats, and business risks

  • Evaluate new threats, identify their impact on IT and Business and develop and implement improvements

What You Will Not Be Doing

  • Getting bored: expect challenges and passion, at every corner, from every moment. Finances is a very fluid environment, which requires adaptability and quick-reactions.

  • Getting frustrated: expect some of the most friendly and engaging people in the world to help you if you need it.

  • Getting stuck: we rely on operational cybernetics and carefully-tailored operations structures to help us fullfill our tasks. Life must be fun and enjoyable, after all =)


  • You need to feel very comfortable with the mainstream cloud providers (AWS, GCP): any certifications you bring to the table will be very big bonuses

  • Docker, Kubernetes, or Tekton kneel before you.

  • -`Zero Trust`, for you, is a life philosophy.

  • You are not Shakespeare... But your words move people! You do not simply write technical documentation: you weave it.

  • Alarms flaring? Issues popping up? Kaijus screeching in the backgr-- Okay, that one was maybe too much, but you keep your cool at every single event, and know when to fix, when to escalate, and when to propagate.

  • You know how to Go, fast and furious.

  • Kafka is not mysterious to you --and that is a big accomplishement.

  • Databases? Please! You could be called `The Collection Whisperer`.

  • Some people can speak Klingon: you speak ISO27001, MaRisk, BAIT. Fluently.

Our Offer

  • Work in one of the most attractive and engaging areas in Berlin: you can enjoy some of the world-best coffees from world-certified baristas in our modern office in the heart of Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

  • We are a bunch of international people, from different countries around the world and all of us are eager to meet you.

  • You'll enjoy extensive individual, and professional support: we want you to be happy, and to grow with us.

  • You'll have a competitive salary, and corporate benefits to boot, of course!

  • Enjoy also the dolce IT vita: you'll have flexible work times, and we'll get sure you get the best work-life balance possible.

  • We'll help you with your professional goals, too, and help you with any certifications or procedures to expand your current resume and features.

About the Company

DLT Finance sets the new standard for institutional investors entering the space of digital assets in a fully regulated way. We bridge the traditional and new world of finance, setting benchmarks in performance, usability & security. We have assembled a team of leading experts in global financial markets, technology, and financial regulations to shape and shift the era of decentralized finance.

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