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The regulated gateway to the digital asset markets 

Open up digital asset trading, staking and custody to your clients through a regulated counterparty.

Licensed by



MiFID II compliant

Registered as:

Financial Institution

Digital Asset Custodian

Provided by a regulated
digital asset trading institute

Our registration as a financial institution and custodian allows us to offer everything from one platform.

Enable your clients to trade 
and manage 250+ digital assets

Get full access to trading venues, brokers, best-price execution and broad liquidity for digital assets.

Built for financial institutions,
fintechs and onlinebrokers

DLT Finance combines enhanced asset protection with operational ease and efficiency.

Digital asset

prime brokerage.

Regulated Counterparty

Face an institutional counterparty for trading on leading liquidity venues.

Multiple financial services

Choose from financial commission brokerage, OTC and DMA.

One trading platform

Streamlined platform with API access and direct online banking integration.

Regulated custody

Regulated crypto custodian

BaFin-regulated custody for 200+ assets with integrated onchain-AML.

Blockchain staking

Staking of assets directly from
your custody.

Access to DeFi

Access to Liquidity Mining Pools
and the world of DeFi.

Financial services
for various use cases.

Regulated partner

We facilitate regulatory compliance of digital asset custody for your clients.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions for crypto derivatives and more - contact us.

Tokenized securities

Issuance and placement for tokenized
or traditional securities.



Enable your clients to trade, store and stake

digital assets.

DLT Finance is a licensed 
securities trading bank and 

custodian for digital assets

regulated by BaFin.

Tailored solutions.


Digital Asset Brokerage

Access to over half a dozen
liquidity venues through one
single counterparty.


Digital Asset Custody

Regulated investors need regulated partners. We provide regulated services as a fully-qualified custodian.


Access the building blocks

to integrate the digital asset

markets into your business

with a simple API touchpoint

Regulatory services to

operate a crypto brokerage

We provide you with tailored solutions to operate your business according to local requirements.



Enable your clients to have a direct way for fiat pay-in and pay-out.
We offer different account setups ranging from omnibus setup to
VIBAN per client.


Contact us to discuss tailored financial & compliance services.

Connect with us.


Frankfurt Main Office

Tiroler Straße 36
60596 Frankfurt, Germany


Berlin Office

Friedrichstraße 231

10969 Berlin, Germany

Want to learn more?
Send us a message!

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