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Press Release: DLT Finance receives BaFin licenses (English version)

17. Mai 2022

DLT Finance receives BaFin licenses and becomes the first crypto-focused financial institute for digital asset brokerage, custody, staking and DeFi.

Berlin, 17th of May 2022 - DLT Finance receives BaFin licenses, thereby becoming Germany’s first financial institute focused solely on digital assets. Its services include trading, custody and staking. B2B clients will benefit from a regulated and secure API for digital asset markets.

The nine BaFin licenses are received by DLT Finance’s subsidiary company. It can now provide its clients with regulatory coverage for digital asset markets. Based in Berlin and Frankfurt, the fintech company provides (neo-)banks, (neo-)brokers, asset managers and crypto exchanges with tailored financial services, from brokerage to custody.

Clients can benefit from a suite of digital asset solutions:

  • Prime brokerage includes the following services

    • direct market access to a dozen liquidity venues

    • OTC Trading

    • deposits and withdrawals of crypto for instant trading

  • Crypto Custody include the following services:

    • facilitation of relevant compliance processes

    • staking

    • access to DeFi and liquidity mining as well as borrowing and lending

Assets and services can be managed via DLT Finance’s state-of-the-art API, or through seamless integration with the client’s own dashboard. The unique BaFin licensing arrangement provides an innovative regulatory solution for digital asset markets. DLT Finance’s clients will no longer need their own license, but can trade legally and securely with DLT Finance.

Furthermore, while existing solutions only facilitate closed-end systems, DLT Finance empowers its clients to create an open system in which assets can be directly deposited and withdrawn. These developments will hugely improve access and regulatory cover for digital assets, propelling new actors into the crypto landscape.

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