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Solution: Alloy

7. Feb. 2023

Alloy Software GmbH builds on top of DLT Finance AG’s regulated crypto custody infrastructure

Alloy (, one of Germany’s most promising Crypto-Fintechs, utilizes DLT Finance AG’s BaFin-regulated custody infrastructure to operate its DeFi access point. Alloy’s state-of-the-art platform opens up the DeFi markets for their clients compliantly through DLT Finance’s custody framework.  Alloy is the gateway for institutional investors to the entire DeFi ecosystem and provides its clients with the infrastructure they need to interact with decentralized finance. The Fintech operates an intuitive client-facing frontend, similar to a brokerage trading platform, and an API-solution for clients to integrate into existing infrastructure. Alloy’s clients can Interact with on-chain DeFI in one unified solution instead of numerous protocols, platforms, custodians, interfaces, and data flows. Alloy takes away the operational and technical complexity of DeFi, so their clients can focus on what matters most.  DLT Finance AG’s infrastructure allows reliable and regulated workflows for Alloy to operate its digital asset infrastructure. About DLT Finance AG DLT Finance enables institutional investors, financial institutions and fintech companies to integrate digital asset trading and custody into their offerings. Its Clients and partners benefit from a BaFin-regulated counterparty and a battle-tested security infrastructure. State-of-the-art technology, first-class-execution services and regulatory compliance are at the core of DLT Finance’s building blocks.

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