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BaFin-regulated securities trading bank and crypto-asset custodian, fintech at heart


Frankfurt (Main) Office

Tiroler Straße 36
60596 Frankfurt, Germany


Berlin Office

Friedrichstraße 231

10969 Berlin, Germany

Regulated Financial Institute

Held by our subsidiary DLT Securities GmbH

- Principal broking business §2 (2) no. 1 of the WpIG

- Underwriting business §2 (2) no. 2 of the WpIG

- Investment broking §2 (2) no. 3 of the WpIG

- Investment advice §2 (2) no. 4 of the WpIG

- Placement business § 2 (2) no. 8 of the WpIG

- Contract broking § 2 (2) no. 5 of the WpIG

- Portfolio management § 2 (2) no. 9 of the WpIG

- Dealing on own account § 2 (2) no. 10c of the WpIG

- Market Making § 2 (2) no. 10a of the WpIG

Regulated Digital Asset Custodian

DLT Finance’s subsidiary (DLT Custody GmbH) was granted a preliminary Crypto Asset Custodian License (§ 64y Para. 1 KWG) by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This allows us to provide regulated services as a fully-qualified custodian.

- Custody for cryptocurrencies §64y Para. 1 KWG

- Custody for security tokens §64y Para. 1 KWG

Regulated digital asset brokerage and trading

Enable your clients to invest in digital assets, access to multiple exchanges and 250+ digital assets through a regulated counterparty.

Regulated digital asset custody and management

Enable your clients to store their digital assets in regulated custody, and provide the infrastructure to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.

Financial services for
fintechs & financial institutions

Leverage on our regulation and technology and comply with the latest regulatory requirements to operate your crypto business in Germany.

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